Ulia Ali prom dresses collaboration. Jovani and Basix Label

Prom and wedding season is approaching, and females all around the world are on a hunt for a beautiful gown (or two). This Spring and Summer you are not only allowed, but encouraged to transform yourself into a fairytale creature; a nymph in a semi-transparent mesh dress, a princess in a ball gown, a mermaid who escaped dark waters to wear a sparkling gown!

Prom and wedding guest attire dresses ideas and trends for 2017.


Ulia is wearing - Jovani

Kate is wearing - Basix Black Label (this gown comes in 5 colors!)

This special photoshoot with my gorgeous friend and one of the top Russian bloggers, Kate from the Beauty Mark Lady, was shot in a lavish Lockwood-Mathews Mansion in Norwalk, Connecticut. The mansion is now open for public as a museum, but you probably have already seen it in Hollywood films (for example in the 2004's version of The Stepford Wives starring Nicole Kidman). 

Interesting fact is that the Lockwood-Matthews mansion was used by survivors and victims of the September 11 attacks.

Interesting fact is that the Lockwood-Matthews mansion was used by survivors and victims of the September 11 attacks.

Russian bloggers in Connecticut, Prom dresses 2017.

At the end of this post I have linked the most desirable gowns and dresses of 2017. Some of the curated selection of dresses are under $100, so hurry up before your size is sold out. By the way, don't hesitate to email me at if you need a help with choosing a prom dress or an evening gown. I will ALWAYS reply, and give you a personalised online styling session!

Jovani gown blue embroidered blogger prom 2017
Prom 2017 ideas


Week 4: Bridal. Prom and Wedding Guest Special

Oh my, we girls usually have more occasions to dress up in Spring! Are you still in search of the perfect prom dress? Or maybe you are just thinking of what to wear to your friend's wedding? I have selected the prettiest dresses, shoes and accessories in various styles and budgets. Before you ask: yes, most of these stores have international shipping! 

Ох девочки, весной действительно столько поводов, чтобы нарядиться! Ты все еще ищешь платье на Выпускной Бал?  А может твоя подруга выходит замуж и тебе срочно нужен новый прелестный наряд? Я собственноручно выбрала самые хорошенькие платья, туфли и аксессуары в разном стиле и для разных бюджетов! Самое прекрасное, что почти все эти онлайн магазины имеют международную доставку.

75$ and LESS

75$ - 200$

200$ - 500$

500 +