Theme 39. Arabian Adventure. Four Seasons Dubai, Sea Fu review

 Ulia Ali - travel and fashion blogger, fiction writer. Review on Four Seasons Dubai at Jumeirah. Sea Fu restaurant.

Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach - Jet Set Oasis

Dubai has made a name for itself catering to the luxury-minded jet set crowd over the years, so it was only a matter of time before the Toronto-based Four Seasons Hotels group installed their beach-side desert offering: Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach (FS for short because #carpaltunnel).

For those of you who have not had the privilege of gracing the threshold of a Four Seasons, let me be the first to tell you that you are in for a treat should the opportunity arise to visit one of their 109 (and counting) properties worldwide.

 Gorgeous Four Seasons
 Four Seasons Dubai beach

Like many of their locations, the FS exudes opulence from the moment you approach the grounds. A sweeping paver stone driveway lined with trees lifts you up and away from the bustle of Jumeirah St. Through gaps in the greenery as your drive deeper, you will begin to notice the neutrally colored, Arabian influenced lines of the main building. Terraced construction incorporating terra-cotta and neutral tones is the perfect complement to the landscape, causing one to forget that a city of steel and glass is only 15 minutes away. If you look closely at the buildings, you may notice nods to the Arabian culture in the form of Horseshoe Arches and large, ornate doors standing between you and marble lined lobby of the FS.

 Four Seasons Dubai Review

As one would expect from a Four Seasons, the lobby is the crown jewel. Every Four Seasons seeks to make the entry way to each of their hotels a statement. Dubai is no exception. With an attention to detail second to none, the FS unabashedly flaunts the line between palace and hotel. Gold trim, deep brown hues, neutral tones, complex light fixtures comprised of baubles and more flowers than Versailles in spring, the FS transports you.

Now, our engagement on this particular adventure was at one of the FS’s dining venues known as Sea Fu. The FS mantra is about experiencing sensory environments. So, if you can accept that the lobby overwhelms, Sea Fu relaxes, much to the same degree.

 Sea Fu Dubai, UAE
 Free People dress in Dubai
 Sea Fu menu, Dubai

Set in a quasi-outdoor, beachside setting, Sea Fu serves an Asian-inspired menu amongst pillars of wood and beneath umbrellas and billowing fabric. I highly recommend sitting outside as the breeze in winter or early spring is still pleasant. However, should the sun be too harsh, the interior of Sea-Fu is a perfect alternative and a welcome respite from the sun. There is something about an ocean breeze and eating lunch on a terrace that is just…pleasing.

The staff at Sea Fu was, for lack of a better term, phenomenal. From the moment we approached the host stand to announce our arrival, we were treated with near-perfect deference (I say near-perfect because I have a penchant for restaurants that maintain a dress code that includes white gloves for their staff, but that is a story for another time). The truly standout quality however, ignoring the smiles, friendliness and attention of the staff was something that I believe every restaurant should take to heart and do: responsive and thoughtful guidance on the menu.

 Best sushi in Dubai
 Sea Fu Dubai, Four Seasons review by travel blogger Ulia Ali Pillmore
 Four Season's Sea Fu review by Ulia Ali Pillmore.

This may sound like a simple task, but the vast majority of restaurants do not ensure that their staff knows the menu.

When I patronize a restaurant I like to ask the waiter or waitress to pick items from the menu that they believe will constitute a meal representative of the quality and diversity of the restaurant. Few get this right. More often than not, the selections are representative, but not of what is good, but what is popular, or what they think I will like based on their judgement. For those of you who know me personally, you will know that I drink and I know things. But you will also know that I eat. I love good food.

Sea Fu understood this. Our waitress selected dishes that complemented one another, were varied enough in their execution to not leave us bored and diverse in flavor to the point that we had to throw in the proverbial towel for lack of capacity. It was beautifully executed and showcased what I love best in a restaurant: mastery of a variety of techniques. 

In the words of Paul Prudhomme: “You don't need a silver fork to eat good food.”. Fine by me, the FS (and Dubai) happens to prefer gold anyway.

Until next time,


 Free People dress in Dubai
 Desert in Dubai. Sea Fu at Four Seasons review.
 Lotus Flower Sea Fu
 Sea Fu review
 Impressive deserts of the world
 Dubai food - Sea Fu Four Seasons review

P.S. For the curious among you, here is what we had for lunch:

Small Plates: Edamame, Spicy Chicken

Sushi: Yuzu Tempura Roll

Raw Bar: Hokkaido Scallops

Main: Seared Black Cod

Dessert: Mochi Selection, Lotus Flower

 Four Seasons Dubai


My Dress - Free People (it comes in 4 colors and it is my favorite dress EVER!)

Bag - Louis Vuitton (It was a Christmas gift from my hubby)

Jewelry - Sequin Jewelry (My favorite Jewelry company! Everything is so gorgeous)

Theme 38: Exploring Williamsburg. Cinématographie

 Exploring Williamsburg by Ulia Ali. Leopard Jumpsuit.

I seriously should be hired to be a location scout for films as I always find the most interesting and not overused spots for my photographs. For the Theme 38 I decided to Explore Williamsburg and shoot my another PrettyMissy look.

 FSP heels and PrettyMissy leopard jumpsuit.

I paired this leopard jumpsuit with a red beret from Urban Outfitters (similar one for cheaper price HERE) and one of the most exquisite pair shoes I ever had - Femmes Sans Peur that remind me of Assyrian and Egyptian temple art.

 Ulia Ali wearing FSP heels.
 Ulia Ali in Williamsburg. YSL, leopard jumpsuit and red beret look.
 Ulia Ali blogger in Brooklyn, Williamsburg
 Ulia Ali NYC blogger wearing Femmes Sans Peur.
 Ulia Ali in Williamsburg
 Femmes Sand Peur heels
 Red Beret look by Ulia Ali.

Theme 37: Holidays in California. PrettyMissy Look in Davis, Ca

 PrettyMissy Lace-Up front sweater in Mustard color. Review

Ben and I spent Thanksgiving in Davis, California, where his grandparents reside. It was my first time visiting Sacramento area, Napa and San Francisco, and I was amazed how beautifully Fall paints Californian cities with its' orange, yellow and red colors. If you have been following my Instagram Stories, you saw all the details of my Californian adventures, however today I wanted to share some outfit deeds with you.

PrettyMissy is an online boutique that I have recently discovered, and they have a lot of very stylish affordable clothes and holiday dresses. I got a lot of compliments on my PrettyMissy front-lace up sweater in a mustard color that worked surprisingly well with my skin tone and my hair that got so dark without summer sun. The sweater comes in Hunter Green and Oatmeal shade as well so definitely take a look!

 Fall in California. Ulia Ali Blogger.

The over-the-knee boots I am wearing is another staple item of my FW season looks. They don't only look gorgeous, but they are comfortable, which is very rare for any footwear with an elegant thin heel. I HIGHLY recommend Pour La Victoire boots.

 Mustard Outfit in Fall
 California in Fall Look. Pour La Victoire Boots
 Ulia Ali Blogger Look. Mustard Sweater from PrettyMissy boutique.

Theme 36: Holiday Season. Where to get hottest boots for winter?

 where to get hottest winter boots? 

Every winter I face the same problem - where to get the best boots for winter? Of course they have to be warm. And comfortable. And super chic and trendy and durable. And also they have to go with all my outerwear! Not an easy task, isn't it?

This Week I will be adding the hottest boots you can and SHOULD get this season! And it starts with the most comfortable wedge biker boots from Loriblu. They are edgy, which I love and has all these amazing details: buckles, chains, decorated wedge.. They are now on sale on Sentiero Shoes!

 Loriblu Boots
 NYC blogger in a cafe in Brooklyn.
 Blogger in Brooklyn in Loriblu boots.

I have also linked other great pairs of booties below. Enjoy and DM me on Instagram your favorite pairs of boots this winter!

Theme 36: Holiday Season. Sentiero Shoes - perfect gifts for a Fashionista!

 Best online shoes boutique. Sentiero shoes.

As every self-respecting fashionista, I get weak in the knees because of gorgeous shoes. And not because I can't walk on high heels (because I can. At least I think I do?!). Recently I have discovered Sentiero - an online boutique with stunning and original designer shoes. Every pair is either a piece of art or just the most original trendy pair you can find, and I just HAVE to share the news that Sentiero Shoes is currently running up to 50% off sale on some of their bestselling shoes.

  This pair is  Nando Muzi Velukid  and it's now on SALE. These shoes are super comfortable and stunning! Shop them  here .

This pair is Nando Muzi Velukid and it's now on SALE. These shoes are super comfortable and stunning! Shop them here.

I have already 3 pair of shoes from Sentiero online boutique, and all three are not only beautiful and make at least 5 people a day ask me where did I get that gorgeousness, but are durable and of a great quality. They will make a great luxury gift for a fashionista you know and love (or maybe you should get them for yourself? ;)) There are lot of stunning pairs on sale, so make sure you check Sentiero Shoes asap before the offer ends!

  The most stunning  Ballin kitten heels.  They are just so perfect! They are now on  SALE!

The most stunning Ballin kitten heels. They are just so perfect! They are now on SALE!

 Obsessed with them! My favorite  Ballin Garden heels .

Obsessed with them! My favorite Ballin Garden heels.

Ballin Garden heels are perfect for classy events, holiday gatherings, and also they will be surprisingly great at the office! They are super comfortable and will add chicness to your work attire. Also, to be honest with you, I used to hate kitten heels, but this pair just completely turned my world upside down, and I think kitten heels have to be in every woman's wardrobe.

 Floral kitten heels.
  You can style them in so many ways! I added these cute polka dot stockings to make my look even more interesting and add that vintage feel.

You can style them in so many ways! I added these cute polka dot stockings to make my look even more interesting and add that vintage feel.

  Ballin shoes worn with polka dot socks.

Ballin shoes worn with polka dot socks.

  Casual look with  Ballin Garden shoes  from Sentiero.

Casual look with Ballin Garden shoes from Sentiero.

 Hot NYC look by blogger Ulia Ali.

There are many more designers and shoes on Sale on SENTIERO, so check it out and thank me later! Tomorrow I will post my new boots from Sentiero, so don't forget to come back to the blog to see.