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Week 23: La Semaine Française. SHOP

French Themed shop by Ulia Ali. Curated selection of fashion items.

Mesdames et Messieurs, may I present you with my new curated themed shop! Channel your inner muse parisienne or browse other curated shops here.

Week 12. Gossip Girl. Best Looks

Gossup Girl style on

I have already shared a few of Blair and Serena’s outfits on my INSTA-SHOP that you can check out now. I am going to update that page with more looks from the show soon, so be sure to follow me on Facebook for updates.

In today’s post I will feature a few of the best outfits worn by Manhattan's very own Upper East Side princesses and give you tips on how to steal their signature styles.


Blair Waldorf Prints

1. Prints and Patterns

The only high school mean girl we can admit to love, can masterfully mix & match her prints and textures. It might be a dangerous game to play, but young Waldorf knows how to win it. If you don't think you have enough style points to skillfully match floral skirts with striped tops, then you can always settle for a polka dot dress.

Polka Dot prints on the Manhattan's Princess - Blair


2. Headbands and hats

Quirky headbands and fancy hats are a signature element of Blair's look. But make sure you wear your headband at least an inch back from your hairline!

Headbands Blair

3. Bright contrasting colours

Blair Waldorf takes colour blocking to a whole new level.

Blair from Gossip Girl Style looks


1. Cleavage Power

Serena's Cleavage

Serena van der Woodsen knows how to turn heads! Her cleavage can be a bit risqué, but it might be the number one reason why the show has a surprisingly large male fan base.

2. Effortless chic

Serena van der Woodsen style

The Manhattan IT girl looks stunning even when it seems likeshe put onthe first thing she found on the floor when she rolled out of bed.

3. Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses can be either worn down for a walk in Central Park or worn up to a socialite event or wedding.

Serena Maxi dress

Week 11: Instagram Babe. Hottest Looks

                Screenshot of the Insta-Shop page.

                Screenshot of the Insta-Shop page.

I am so excited to present my new curated Insta-shop that will be updated regularly with the best outfits of Instagram hotties and celebrities and with the links to the similar items. 

If you want your outfit to be featured in the shop or you want me to help you find similar items you saw on a celebrity, blogger or an Instagram beauty, email me at:

For outfit inspiration and a shopping spree visit the INSTA-SHOP!

Week 10: Timeless Essentials. The Wardrobe of a Lady

Timeless Essentials. Wardrobe of a modern Lady

In our ever-changing, fast-paced world there are some things that stay the same: our quest to find true love and our dream of living a life free of oppression and full of meaning. But putting all of those noble (or high-spirited?) ideas aside, there are things that we can and should own now if we want to achieve that air of timeless beauty and leave life's journey idle for a moment.

This week I will be presenting my version of several key classic looks, as well as helping you find essential pieces for your own wardrobe. I’ll also introduce you to one of the most renowned stylish aristocrats: the Countess de Ribes and give you the ultimate list of "Books That Every Aspiring Lady Should Read." 

Let's start with my list of Wardrobe Essentials before I show you my own interpretations of these classic pieces later this week. Here are the top 5 basic items every stylish girl should own. With these 5 items you will never look boring, only timeless, ladylike and classy.

1. Trench Coat

trench coat is a timeless trend. Classy outfits on by Ulia Ali

2. Iconic Bag

Remember Cate Blanchette's character in Blue Jasmine? She lost all of her money, but refused to give up and sell her Hermés Birkin bag because she believed the moment she sold it, she could never go back to her luxurious upper class Manhattan's socialite life. That bag was her signature, something that showed she was "different" from ordinary people. 

All looks of Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine film. Outfits with Hermes Birkin bag -her signature.

Owning a good bag is important if you want to socialise with the crème de la crème and attend beautiful galas. Or even if you just want to look stylish in a simple white dress or a baggy t-shirt and denim shorts. One expensive bag can MAKE the whole outfit.

Iconic bags. Timeless essentials for a lady's wardrobe.

If you are on a budget, but still want to look chic and expensive, invest in one great bag rather than a lot of individual items or clothes. It sounds very superficial, but THE PERFECT BAG can make a world of difference.

3. White Pants

Denim is usually in everyone's wardrobe as a base essential, but I believe in the power of white pants/jeans. Pair them with big, beige sweaters, colourful polo shirts or even a sequined evening top. White pants will look much cleaner in any of these combinations and more original than blue jeans.

White Pants. Style Essentials by Ulia Ali from blog. Azerbaijani blogger living in NYC


4. Classic Chanel-esque jacket

You don't have to empty your bank account and buy the $4000 original Chanel jacket, but there are a lot of brands that offer very similar, classic tweed jackets. Gone are the days of matching tweed jackets with tweed skirts, now you can mix and match your tweed jacket with pretty much anything and still look great.

Classc Chanel-esque jacket outfits. Modern ladies and bloggers

5. Little Black Dress

And last but not least: The Little Black Dress! The LBD is a must-have in every girl's closet. There are so many variations and shapes to choose from, but I have just one rule: choose a dress made from good, high-quality fabric and never opt for a cheap bodycon dress made from a synthetic stretch fabric.

Le Petite Robe noir. Little Black Dress.  Маленькое черное платье. Вечный Стиль 




Week 6: Marie Antoinette. Lovely Themed Shop

Marie Antoinette style inspiration. Online shop 

Marie Antoinette had a great influence on fashion all over Europe in the XVIII century. Even today, her feminine baroque style inspires designers and artists all over the world. Stunning floral dresses, blush pink lingerie, flirty ribbons, bows, cute ruffles, selected perfumes and other items that are fit to the queen now are available to you! Check out my curated Theme Shop with hand selected items that Marie Antoinette would certainly love.