Week 22: Witches of Manhattan. Dark Side

Stein Black Lace. What modern witches wear?

What would you imagine a modern witch wearing around Manhattan on a daily basis? I fantasised a little bit for this theme and opted for a sexy, black, lace top, burgundy lips and dark jeans for my "casual witchy" look.

Not a lot of people know this about me, but I am very interested in magic, its history and the science behind the mysterious. There are real witch circles in big cities like London and New York, and I experienced them first hand, purely for research reasons. I don't like talking about it, but among curious folk like me, aspiring authors in search of inspiration, and clearly insane people, there were few individuals who stood out.

It was interesting that among eccentric women dressed up as Elviras, mistresses of the Dark and Professors Trelawneys, the real witches, in the way I see and understand that term, attracted attention only with their natural magnetism, and a sense of serenity about them. That is what I tried to portray in today's look.

Shall we explore the dark side?

Portrait by Dennis from DCPNYC
Prada Bag. Very sexy lingerie style top in black. Revealing cleavage blogger outfit.
Manhattan Witch look in black lace top with revealing front.
Black lace top with the revealing cleavage.

Photography by Dennis

Black lace revealing top. Very sexy Shein lingerie style top.

Top - Shein | | Jeans - Levis | Bag - Prada


Week 1: NYC. Soho Look

High boots in Soho. Fashion blogger New York. Ulia Ali

Soho is one of my favourite areas of Manhattan. Every time I walk around Soho I always come across another peculiar boutique with beautiful clothes, cozy cafe or an art gallery. I really try to blend with New York crowd when I go on these walks, however high heels always sell me out! 

New York City blogger Ulia Ali from Blog
New York acrhitecture by blogger
Wearing boyfriend's Arc'teryx jacket

Wearing boyfriend's Arc'teryx jacket

Azerbaijani blogger living in New York
NYC style blogger in Soho
Streets of New York by blogger
Model and blogger in NYC
New York City top fashion blogger Ulia Ali from
NYC streets
udrey Hepburn graffiti in Little Italy.
Hot blogger Ulia Ali in New York.

Outfit: Dress - Bitching and Junk Food, Bag - Prada, Boots - Monica Ricci, Watch - Karl Lagerfeld, Jacket - boyfriend's Arc'teryx jacket.