Theme 36: Holiday Season. Where to get hottest boots for winter?

where to get hottest winter boots? 

Every winter I face the same problem - where to get the best boots for winter? Of course they have to be warm. And comfortable. And super chic and trendy and durable. And also they have to go with all my outerwear! Not an easy task, isn't it?

This Week I will be adding the hottest boots you can and SHOULD get this season! And it starts with the most comfortable wedge biker boots from Loriblu. They are edgy, which I love and has all these amazing details: buckles, chains, decorated wedge.. They are now on sale on Sentiero Shoes!

Loriblu Boots
NYC blogger in a cafe in Brooklyn.
Blogger in Brooklyn in Loriblu boots.

I have also linked other great pairs of booties below. Enjoy and DM me on Instagram your favorite pairs of boots this winter!