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Theme 37: Holidays in California. PrettyMissy Look in Davis, Ca

PrettyMissy Lace-Up front sweater in Mustard color. Review

Ben and I spent Thanksgiving in Davis, California, where his grandparents reside. It was my first time visiting Sacramento area, Napa and San Francisco, and I was amazed how beautifully Fall paints Californian cities with its' orange, yellow and red colors. If you have been following my Instagram Stories, you saw all the details of my Californian adventures, however today I wanted to share some outfit deeds with you.

PrettyMissy is an online boutique that I have recently discovered, and they have a lot of very stylish affordable clothes and holiday dresses. I got a lot of compliments on my PrettyMissy front-lace up sweater in a mustard color that worked surprisingly well with my skin tone and my hair that got so dark without summer sun. The sweater comes in Hunter Green and Oatmeal shade as well so definitely take a look!

Fall in California. Ulia Ali Blogger.

The over-the-knee boots I am wearing is another staple item of my FW season looks. They don't only look gorgeous, but they are comfortable, which is very rare for any footwear with an elegant thin heel. I HIGHLY recommend Pour La Victoire boots.

Mustard Outfit in Fall
California in Fall Look. Pour La Victoire Boots
Ulia Ali Blogger Look. Mustard Sweater from PrettyMissy boutique.

Week 29: NYFW Recap. ShopBop Sale Highlights

While I am editing and uploading photographs from the NYFW, I couldn't not share the big 5 days sale currently running on ShopBop. I have selected the best fashion styles for you that you could see during Fashion Weeks on top bloggers and style icons, and some finds under $50!


ShopBop Sale / Rewards style 2017
Shop bop Under $50
Sale on ShopBop alert 2017

Don't forget to use the code GOBIG17 to get a discount! 

Week 26: CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. Ulia's Gift Guide 2016

Christmas Gift Guide and Valentine's day gift ideas for her and him 2017. Blogger's shopping guide.

Christmas is a time full of love, joy and happiness. It is the time for listening Baby, It’s Cold Outside and Let it Snow on repeat, and watching It's a Wonderful Life for the 100th time while wrapped in a very warm blanket, cuddling with your loved one. Christmas is the time when miracles happen and prayers are answered.

And it is also the time to give and share. While I strongly suggest you to do something meaningful for the people around you, a little Christmas Gift Guide with my favourite gifts for everyone on your list will help make your holiday shopping easier. ;)

P.S. The guide will be updated daily!


Мой Праздничный Гид по Подаркам поможет подобрать самый оригинальный и красивый подарок для каждого дорогого тебе человека! Пожалуйста поделитесь ссылкой на этот пост с друзьями. 

Этот пост будет обновляться каждый день!

1. For Her/ Для Нее

2. For Him/ Для Него


3. Tech Lover Gifts/ Для Любителя Техники

4. For Kids/ Для Детей

5. Christmas Madness / Праздничное Сумасшествие!

Week 19: Honeymoon in Hawaii. Aloha SHOP

Hawaiian Theme shop. Curated selection of items in the themed shop by blogger from Ulia Ali. Mahalo!

My curated selection of Hawaiian inspired fashion items and accessories is now live. Make sure to check the SHOP page regularly as I add more items and update older themed shops. Mahalo, beauties!

Week 16: I am BLONDE! Themed Shop

Every Theme Week on Pastiche.Today has its own SHOP (click here to see them all) and I am BLONDE Week is not an exception!

Blonde Week on pastiche today blog with selection of cute pink and turquoise items!

I thought it would be fitting for the Blonde Week to highlight the prettiest pink and turquoise coloured items. (How cute are these notebooks?! And all the bikinis!) Check the actual SHOP page later as I will be adding more interesting items for you.