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Week 18: Summer in NYC. Living in a hotel full time!

Many of you don't even know that Ben and I actually live in hotels in New York. FULL TIME. For more than 7 months now! 

I am no Van der Woodsen, so usually we do not stay in a suite at the Palace Hotel, however living in hotels has been mostly pleasant and a very interesting experience I never expected I would have. 

Ben is a loyal Platinum member of SPG and it helps to make all of our stays at their hotels extremely pleasant. We often get upgraded to the best hotel rooms available, I get to have breakfast and snacks every day for free, everyone is there to help with picking up the mail, sending out our laundry or dealing with any requests you could possibly imagine.

W Hotel New York

At the beginning, back in January, when Ben and I moved in to one of the big suites at the W Hotel in New York, I wasn't really ecstatic about it. Growing up in a big house where the kitchen and dining room are a big part of family gatherings, I felt robbed of the new, little experiences like doing grocery shopping in NYC, cooking for my boyfriend, baking cookies to share with neighbours (do people still do that? I would!) and inviting people over for a board game night with drinks.

Also at that time it was extremely cold in New York and I didn't know a lot of people in the city. I felt extremely lonely and claustrophobic in the big, pristine, clean hotel suite that didn't have anything of my own except for a few clothes and coats I brought with me in one suitcase. I was missing small things like drinking freshly brewed tea, having my little library and ability to wash things whenever I wanted and instead of waiting for to pick our laundry up once a week.

Ben on the other hand was used to this kind of lifestyle as he was living in hotels for more than a year before he met me. He was trying as much as he could to make me feel comfortable and gain a sense of "home". 

He would send me flowers while he was at work and order me new books, even though afterwards I didn't know where to find a space for them.

At that time we had to leave our hotels every two weeks to go to Ben's parents' house in Park City, Utah. We would fly over for just a weekend, but every time we had to take ALL our luggage and repack there again. You have no idea how frustrating it was for me if I forgot to pack something and bring it to NYC, or if I didn't realise I would need it (especially if it was something important like a bill, a statement or a document). Also we would often switch from one hotel location to another and it would mess up all my mail and orders.

But a few months after we started living in hotels together, I adapted and started really enjoying our hotel hopping life! I particularly grew fond of SPG's Four Points Hotels.

My favorite one to stay at is Four Points Soho. Their rooms might not be the biggest ones, but they are decently sized for such a great location in Manhattan. The hotel staff are phenomenal and all of them became almost like our little family. I started to love getting breakfast every morning downstairs (Jay is an amazingly nice guy and his service is impeccable) or ordering food straight to the room when I felt I wanted to stay in or watch a movie while eat my regular porridge with latte.

Four Points Soho review.

Another perk of living in a hotel? Actually being able to focus on my website, on my relationships with husband and friends, writing, going to photoshoots and reading, and not worrying about cooking, cleaning and washing as in a hotel everything is taken care of!

How many people can say they have experienced full time living in a hotel with all its perks? I know one day Ben and I will get an apartment (might even be really soon!), but for now I am fully appreciating living in the heart of New York, surrounded by Four Points SoHo staff that are willing to help, and just enjoy LIVING. Hotel-hopping life might have it cons, but there is much more to love about it.

Week 18: Summer in NYC. Sexy stripes by ROSEGAL

Week 18: Summer in NYC. After the Sun Goes Down.

What to do in New York at night! After the sun goes down

There is always something to do in New York at any hour of the day. However, when museum doors close and shops start politely shooing everyone away, many people obligingly go to the nearest take away place, and go either home or back to their hotel, abandoning the exciting wonders of nighttime Manhattan. Wouldn't you want to have a proper night dance with the city?

I decided to give you a little 5-step guide of what to do this September after the sun's last ray disappears somewhere behind 14th Street.


Let's start the evening at a Broadway musical. One of the newest, and already celebrated shows, is Cirque du Soleil PARAMOUR, a magical marriage of a classic musical and amazing Cirque du Soleil performances. Ben and I sawit a few weeks ago and thought that it was overall very aesthetically beautiful. To be honest, it is not the best musical we have ever seen, nor is it the best Cirque du Soleil show we have ever witnessed, but it is certainly a show worth seeing at least once!

Paramour Cirque du Soleil on Broadway review.

Alternatively, you still have time to book the last available tickets for one of the greatest musicals of all time, Les Miserables, which is having its last show on the 4th of September. Book your tickets here before they are gone.

2. Feed me!

Musicals and plays are rarely shorter than 120 minutes, so chances are you tried to fill yourself up with overpriced pretzels and jellybeans sold during intermission, but you are stillreally hungry. I suggest you have a late night dinner at the amazing Italian restaurant, Marea, which specializes in seafood and has two Michelin stars. Prices are actually quite reasonable for such a high-end, gorgeous restaurant, but book your table in advance!

3. Midnight in New York

Ben abnd Ulia

Nothing is more romantic and surreal than midnight at the top of the Empire State Building. My husband took me there on our third date and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Usually crowded, the Empire State Building is quite empty at that late hour, so don't miss your chance to admire a bird's eye view of Manhattan by night.

4. Party like a VIP

If you want to party in the top rated nightclubs in New York, sit at VIP tables and have access to exclusive events, contact Blue Circle NY. Just call and tell them whatever your energetic heart desires (from bottle service to partying with celebrities). No need forstanding in that line to Marquee anymore and loosing precious time!

5. Drunk cravings or Feed me part 2.

Your night was crazy and fun, but suddenly you realise that your alcohol infused body desperately wants some delicious food. The majority of cafés and restaurants are closed and you promised to yourself to not eat at McDonalds anymore. Luckily, New York has a few great 24/7 places. I recommend Katz’s Delicatessen (205 E Houston St) or Ukrainian eatery, Veselka (144 2nd Ave).

So there is your 5-step guide to an intense NYC night! Do you have any other ideas? Comment or message me on our Facebook page

Week 18: Summer in NYC. Cute SheIn Top

I am sharing more casual looks with you this week. I noticed lately that I have traded my ultra short, revealing denim shorts for more classy looking shorts. Am I getting older and wiser… or what's happening? :)

Original Shein Top. Best blogger NYC

In today's look I have paired my Walter Baker black shorts with a very cute and original top from Shein. I love how affordable everything is at Sheinand that the quality is often really really good. At the end of this post I will also link to a few other cute tops that will make any simple "wear it with jeans/shorts" outfit look very original and stylish.

Collaboration with Shein online store. Most affordable and stylish clothes online.

I am also sporting a new Walter Baker bag for the first time. The bag is from the designer's upcoming collection and it comes in many different colours.

Ulia wearing Shein white top pom-pom
Collaborate with best NYC blogger.
Walter Baker bag.


1. White Top | 2. Cute Shein Top | 3. Blue Striped Top | 4. Fun Sweater

Week 18: Summer in NYC. SHOP

I want to be a part of it, New York, New York

NYC theme curated shop.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my curated selection of New York inspired fashion items and gifts!