Week 24: Candy Shop. Best Candy Stores of NYC + Willy Wonka is coming!

Best Candy and Chocolate Stores in NYC, New York. Full list on

Ben calls me a "fat kid on the inside" because of the amount of candy and chocolate I consume. If I see a candy store I always run to indulge my sweet tooth, while my husband sighs and mumbles something about me getting diabetes. Naturally, I explored a fair amount of chocolatiers and candy bars in New York this year, and I would love to share my yummy list with you!

1. Dylans Candy Bar

Founded by Ralph Lauren's daughter, Dylan Lauren, Dylan's Candy Bar is one of the biggest candy stores in the world! Dylan revealed that she was inspired to create her candy boutique by Roald Dahl's famous story, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

There are several locations all over New York (as well as other US and international locations!), but my favourite is their flagship store located on 60th Street and 3rd Avenue. Dylan's Candy Bar has been featured in films and TV series many times, including Gossip Girl.

best candy stores in new york.
best candy store in the world.

Bonus Tip: Everything I have ever tried in the store was AMAZING, except the macaroons. Go to Macaron cafe or Laduree for macaroons. 

2. MarieBelle

MarieBelle yummy

The most gorgeous and sophisticated chocolatier in New York. You can find the sweetest and most original gifts in beautiful packaging here.

My personal favourite is Marie Antoinette's chocolate ganache cake in an antique book box. You can keep the box after you eat the DELICIOUS cake and use it as a decor item or a secret storage compartment.

3. Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Vosges is a luxury chocolate boutique that offers unusual and creative flavours. My husband often likes to treat me with a box of outstanding chocolate truffles with flavours like Indian curry & coconut, banana pudding, anise with fennel and absinth and many more. I literally have never tasted anything like Vosges chocolates before! 

Best chocolate in NYC.
Vosges chocolate

4.  Godiva

Godiva's gold boxes filled with high quality chocolates are always a great gift idea. For men I would recommend the chocolate cigars. I gave them to Ben on our second date and it was my first ever gift to him!

5. Hersheys, M&M's

Cute little candy store on Times Square stocking a great range of Hershey's chocolate and collectibles. By the way there is a great M&M's store super close by as well!

6. Leonidas

If I crave delicious fresh Belgian chocolate I go to Leonidas on 3 Hanover Square.

oldest candy shop in New York

7. Economy Candy

Not as fancy as the other candy stores on this list, Economy Candy is the OLDEST candy store in NYC which makes it kind of worthy of a visit.






Did you like the list? Which of these candy stores have you already visited?

And as promised, I am sharing bonus Candy News with you! The most candilicuous show is back on Broadway. Charlie & the Chocolate Factory the musical will be in NYC in Spring 2017, and you can already buy tickets here. Happy Sweets Days to you!