Theme 35: Fall in New York. National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey Review

National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey review. By New York City Blogger Ulia Ali Pillmore.
Ocean Odyssey

Ben and I are loyal National Geographic subscribers, so we were very excited to visit a new attraction at the heart of Times Square - a NatGeo Encounter: Ocean Odyssey. It is a first-of its-kind immersive entertainment experience that lets you to take a plunge into a deep, undersea world and learn about ocean life in a fun and interesting way. I am a certified diver and I can tell that many of the experiences felt like a real dive, minus the getting wet part!

National Geographic has created a real game-changing interactive experience that makes me look forward to the future of educational media. Ocean Odyssey is a fast-changing, smart, multi-sensory journey fit for all ages, and includes innovative technologies that will make you gasp in awe. For example, Ben and I really enjoyed the kelp forest maze, and a 3D experience (no spoilers though!) for fun, but we found that the best part was actually learning about the watery part of our beautiful planet in different rooms filled with screens and interactive tools.

Had a fin-tastic time at NatGeo!

We never stood still as the journey took us through a beautifully and intricately designed 60,000-square-foot space that offered a variety of different entertainment, educational tools and information. 

I think this National Geographic Encounter is perfect for kids and will help them understand our oceans and marine life more, planting some fundamental knowledge into their smart, little heads. This knowledge, I believe, will help them to grow considerate and enlighten of the oceans and will help preserve our oceans in the future. Ocean Odyssey is an inspiring journey that will definitely spark the interest of young ones in marine science, environmental change and oceanography. 

The experience is also great for couples and friends who would love to do something other than drinking at a bar or watching endless stream of TV shows. If you are up for taking a dive into the oceans in the middle of Times Square, BOOK TICKETS here and prepare for some "blue-lit" fun.

Immersive ocean dive at Times Square with National Geographic.
National Geographic immersive experience