Theme 35: Fall in New York. Beauty Essentials at Rite Aid

Every girl has beauty secrets for each season. When the weather is getting cold, my skin gets drier every degree it gets cooler, and I begin noticing my hair getting weak and dull. ThenI know I need to stock on my favorite beauty brands: Aveeno and OGX. These brands not only have amazingly effective products, but they are super affordable and easy to find in your local RiteAid store (that is where I buy mine!).

Ulia Ali. Johnson & Johnson and ShopStyle Campaign. RiteAid

The first time I remember using OGX, I was living in London and my friend Takhmina, who has gorgeous, wavy, black hair let me borrow her Argan Oil. I not only got addicted to this oil's restorative superpowers, but also went and bought the entire OGX Moroccan Argan Oil line. I especially recommend the mask as it does wonders to even the most damaged hair.

Over the years, I have tried probably all of the OGX products and can highlight a few items that worked the best for my hair:

1. Moroccan Argan Oil Mask - It quickly restores my heat-damaged hair and gives so much moisture to my locks. I use this mask all year round and it is by far one of my most-loved hair products ever.

2. Coconut Oil & Argan Oil - Both of them smell good and nourish my hair. I love using coconut oil as an intense treatment mask and will apply it generously before going to bed and wash it off in the morning. Argan Oil is perfect for adding some shine and a bit of moisture after a blowout.

3. OGX Biotin & Collagen Shampoo & Conditioner - I have just recently started using these two, and I’m in love how much volume and healthy glow I get every time I use them both. OGX Biotin really does give my thin hair intense thickness and plumps it up. If you have long thin hair like me, you will love the Biotin line and will feel like a bombshell!

But what I love the most about OGX brand is that any woman with any type of hair can find the perfect hair products! There are so many OGX items at RiteAid that you will end up wanting them all! Don't worry, it is safe to mix the lines, although I do recommend choosing a shampoo and conditioner from the same line.

When it comes to body care, I get creams and lotions by Aveeno at RiteAid. The price is again VERY affordable, so I usually have a few bottles of Daily Moisture or Skin Relief all over the house (one in a bathroom, one next to my desk and of course one on my bed side table!). Aveeno products definitely help my skin stay soft and nourished 24/7.  A bonus is that Aveeno is non-greasy and non-comedogenic and doesn't have a strong fragrance smell, which is something really important to my husband (he can't stand if I apply really fragranced lotions!), so Aveeno creams and lotions are winners in my book!

By the way, if you are not using Plenti, I urge you to start now! It runs through American Express and my friends and I have saved so much money thanks to it. You literally earn Plenti points by just buying something at Plenti partners, which includes companies like Macy's, Hulu and RiteAid! Points are valid for two years and you get 1 point for every cent you spend.

This month, by the way, just spending $20 on OGX or Aveeno will give you 800 Plenti points, which already saves you $8 dollars(!). How insane is that? It is almost 50%!  You can literally buy something for $20 at RiteAid, and get $8 dollars worth in Plenti points. That’s practically a free OGX shampoo or a mask (they are $7.99!). I think it is amazing and they run this kind of deal all the time.

I also found out that there are new BOGO (Buy One Get One) promos going on at RiteAid almost every week. On the 22nd of October there will be BOGO on Aveeno products, so make sure you set a reminder in your calendar or diary not to miss this opportunity to get this fall season’s beauty product essentials at RiteAid!


This post is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson and ShopStyle.