Week 8: California Diary. Coachella Vibes

Since Coachella took over my Instagram feed and favourite bloggers' pages this month, I decided to share the best affordable festival-ready clothes you can find in stores right now.

Coachella Trend Report and Shop by Ulia Ali

Ben and I were planning to go to Coachella this year, however my husband was travelling to Dubai for a golf tournament and then he was back to work in New York, so we had to leave the festival experience until next year.

If you, like me, haven't been able to go to Coachella, treat yourself with some beautiful summer pieces that will make you want to throw your own party!


Sheer maxi Dresses 

Best dresses list Coachella 2016. Fashion trends, summer 2016

Seen all over Coachella, worn by blogging beauties and young celebrities, maxi see-through and peek-a-boo lace dresses are one of the biggest trends of summer 2016. They are sexy without being trashy, sophisticated and effortlessly cool. 

Off-the-shoulder tops

Best trends of 2016, Coachella vibes. Fashion and style of bloggers

Off-the-shoulder tops are definitely one of my latest fashion crazes. I love them all: cropped neutral coloured, intricately embroidered and laced ones.

Lace up High Boots or Sandals

Summer 2016 shoes trend. Knee high boots and sandals

I already jumped on this bandwagon and purchased a pair of Daisy Street Lace Up Boots from Asos. Those boots will sex up any outfit regardless if you are in a tight suede dress or just wearing shorts and a white t-shirt.