Week 30: Utah. The Most Romantic Restaurant in the United States!

The Most romantic restaurant in The United States. Beautiful fairy La Caille.

When Ben and I were in Utah, he took me on a surprise date. I didn't know where exactly we were driving, but from the moment I saw the gates of La Caille, I knew I would inevitably fall in love with the place. The grounds of La Caille are like a magical fairytale land with stunning scenery a la Narnia in Winter or SnowWhite's little castle in summer.

We drove through the beautiful snow-covered forest towards the French-inspired Chateau, passing a frozen lake with a lonely, graceful swan white as winter, greeting us like a wild guardian. Have you ever seen a single, wild swan on a frozen lake? It is more magnificent that you can ever imagine, and reminded me of the Swan Princess fairytale (yes, yes, I love fables!).

La Caille Restaurant
Beauty and the Best USA restaurant
La Caille
La Caille Restaurant. Fairy Tale Castle

But the surprises didn't end there. After we parked and started walking to the main building, we saw peacocks - brightly coloured, proud and magnificent sitting on the snow dusted branches of trees, or strolling around, almost guiding us to La Caille's entrance. I was already imagining myself as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, secretly wondering if all these wonderful creatures were under some sort of spell. A few seconds later I noticed an abundance of fluffy bunnies and hares jumping around. Squealing with great delight like a 5-year old, I was finally dragged by my already freezing husband inside the little 18th-century Chateau. He knew I could spend hours just chasing bunnies and petting exotic birds, and we would probably never get to the actual dining experience if he let me do that :)

The decor of the castle is no less than a feast for your eyes, especially if you like opulent French style and a Marie Antoinette vibe. The story of this hidden treasure of Utah, is also fascinating,and deserves its own TV series: steamy affairs, multi-million dollar legal battles, and a murder-suicide of the owners, husband and wife, who fulfilled a pact to end their lives together on Christmas night a decade ago.

Such a tragic Shakespearean love story only adds to the mystique of La Caille, the most magical restaurant in the United States, that will put you under its spell the moment you set your foot on its grounds.

Need I mention that food at the restaurant is FANTASTIC?! From the most delicious cocktails to mouthwatering French dishes, and original desserts, La Caille will amaze even the most sophisticated gourmand. La Caille also has beautiful gardens, a huge greenhouse, and an amazing vineyard you should definitely check out.

Ladies, if you are looking for the perfect wedding destination, I seriously recommend you look into La Caille.

You won't regret it! To be honest, I cannot wait to visit La Caille in Summer, and bring more people to this little piece of a fairytale land in our mundane world.

The most beautiful restaurant in the world! La Caille
Photo of Ulia Ali
Monkey Lamp in French Restaurant
Gorgeous door
La Caille Restaurant
La Caille sculptures
The most beautiful restaurant in the world
La Caille
La Caille fire
The most romantic restaurant in the United States.
La Caille restaurant
La Caille bathroom
La Caille gates
Gorgeous romantic fairytale castle open to public. Restaurant.

Week 3: Cleopatra. My Egyptian Queen Look

Modern version of Cleopatra's Fashion Look. Gold dress, black wig and signature cat-eye make up. By Ulia Ali

I am very excited to share my modernised version of Cleopatra look with you that was shot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art by my fellow blogger Julia Fashionista. We started the shoot at the famous Sackler Wing (part of the Egyptian part of the MET) with its Temple of Dendur, surrounded by the pool that represents the Nile river.

Cleopatra look by fashion blogger Ulia Ali. At the Met Museum. Sackler Wing fashion, The Temple of Dendur.

Almost immediately after we started shooting, I was surrounded by tourists asking to take photographs with me. There were big families, couples, students, kids. All of different nationalities and all wanted to take a picture with "Cleopatra" and not with ancient priceless treasures of history around them. I felt bad refusing them as everyone was so nice and friendly, so I posed and posed for 20 minutes until... we were asked by the MET representative to be anywhere, BUT the Egyptian room as we cause distraction! 

Ulia Ali at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC. In front of the Temple of Dendur
Cleopatra sculpture by William Wetmore.

Cleopatra sculpture by William Wetmore.

Initially I was upset by the whole incident, but luckily we found another beautiful naturally lit room at the MET and took wonderful images. It is, quite interesting, that the statue I am posing next to is The Libyan Sibyl created by William Wetmore.

I remember posing next to it and thinking how it reminds me of Cleopatra. So imagine my surprise when I during my research on images of Cleopatra in art, I found out that William Wetmore also created almost identical to The Libyan Sibyl, sculpture of Cleopatra! 


Enjoy and let me know what do you think about the look! 

The Libyan Sibyl sculpture at The MET by William Wetmore. Ulia Ali as Cleopatra
Ulia Ali as Cleopatra wearing Louboutins at the MET
Ulia Ali as Cleopatra
Beautiful column at the MET museum, New York
Cleopatra in 2016. New look

Oufit: Herve Leger dress, Black Wig and bracelet NYC Costume, Ring Kenzo, Heels Christian Louboutin