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Theme 35: Fall in New York. With Mer-Sea Luxe Collection

MerSea Luxe Collection. Ulia Ali blogger. Fall Inspiration photoshoot in Central Park, New York,

Ben and I are living in hotels again!  But you probably already know that if you follow my daily Instagram Stories and watched me try to fit my life into a hotel suite's limited space. The truth is the hotel hopping life is great, but I still need some special little details that help me transform a standard suite into our home.

I have recently discovered Mer-Sea & Co. brand and fell in love with their classy decor elements, lush bathroom products and travel accessories. Their new LUXE COLLECTION is rich and beautiful and is probably one of the most safest gorgeous gifts you can get your girlfriend, mother-in-law or just as a hostess gift to someone.

it became my ritual lighting up Amber Fumée candle every night and using a Mer-Sea Mystique roomspray that smells like a fresh field of grass, light flowers and lemon trees gardens after a rain. The candles and sprays really set up a dreamy mood, and look very chic as decor elements too, thanks to minimalistic luxury design.

MerSea Luxe Collection. Ulia Ali blogger. Fall Inspiration photoshoot in Central Park, New York,

Mer-Sea also carries a great range of travel accessories, and considering how often I fly all over the map, it is almost a necessity to have a set of quality functional items for the travels! First of all, I didn't even know how much one travel wrap can get used, but I love my black cotton cashmere wrap. It looks super stylish, it is comfy, it is soft and luxury (hello, it is cashmere!) and I wear it not only on the plane, but out, to a dinner over a dress, and, frankly, I often use it a blanket when I watch Netflix. It really gets much more use than I ever anticipated, so I recommend you to pick at least one travel wrap for yourself. Plus, it folds into a tiny pouch, which is always great as we all hate to stuff our carry-ons till the bursting point.

Second travel accessory I really like from Mer-Sea Luxe Collection is a Passport Clutch. It is also big enough to store couple of credit cards and my ID, and it is very pleasant and as always classy.

I wanted to show you my regular casual airport look, but I didn't want to force Ben or my photographer to shoot at the airport, so I thought I should take my readers to the Central Park, to the lake and to the trees touched by this magical fall. The beauty of classic Mer-Sea luxury items was really accentuated, in my opinion, by warm fall colors and I hope these pictures will give you a happy tingly feeling.

MerSea Luxe Collection. Ulia Ali blogger. Fall Inspiration photoshoot in Central Park, New York,

All the gorgeous photos taken by - Dennis  (if you are a blogger of just want killer shots, he is your person!)

Theme 35: Fall in New York. Picnic in Central Park With Rueda Wines

Bloggers Central Park Fall Picnic with Rueda wines that you can order from   wine  .  com

Welcoming Fall has always been one of my traditions, and this year I have decided to throw a cozy picnic in Central Park with my girlfriends to celebrate the last warm days in NYC. I wanted everyone to feel the excitement for the upcoming pumpkin-colored festivities and those long nights with a wool blanket, great-tasting wine and movies that make you cry and smile at the same time.

Speaking of delicious wine, I have recently discovered Spanish white wine! I especially like Verdejo wines from the Rueda region, and had to bring them to our picnic! A good white wine is a classy choice that everyone loves and it certainly uplifted the mood and created a friendly, intimate atmosphere, which helped our friendships to grow even stronger. 

I am not a wine connoisseur, but I wasn’t surprised to find out that Verdejo – which is similar to Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio – is apparently the most consumed Spanish white wine in the whole country and it has been its best-kept secret for decades. Luckily, the import of Spanish white wines has been increasing in the United States and you can easily get a wide selection of Rueda wines on popular websites like wine.com (I have linked them for you!)

Rueda Verdejo wines are refreshing, a bit fruity and consistent in their taste. Every time I take a sip (and I am shamelessly drinking a Flor de Vetus while I write this post), I feel like I am tasting a summer day. A sunrise on a summer’s day to be exact.

The fruit notes in the wines are mild, concentrated in the sweet citrus spectrum with some bits of apricots and peaches, and envelope me into this warm feeling of endless hope. I might be overly poetic, but that’s how these wines make me feel: inspired, romantic and happy!

Oh, I almost forgot the best part! The majority of the delicious wines from Rueda are ridiculously affordable. Many of them are priced under $15 per bottle, which makes it a perfect wine for any party, picnic, or even for a relaxed evening at home. Please give it a try, you will love it! Here is a 10% off code for you: RUEDA to use on wine.com when purchasing Verdejo wines from Rueda!

Rueda wines FAll Picnic. Best white wine
Best Spanish White Wine in Central Park, NYC. Ulia and Marilyn
Wine Afternoon with girls and Verdejo white wines from Rueda regions.
From left to right:  Marilyn ,  Jordan ,  Ulia ,  Vivien ,  Gabriella .

From left to right: Marilyn, Jordan, Ulia, Vivien, Gabriella.

Pumpkin on my head
Fall Picnic Inspo with Rueda Verdejo Spanish White Wine. Cheers. Bloggers drink wine.
Rueda Spanish White Wine Review. Flor De Vetus. Verdejo. 2015
Picnic of bloggers in Central Park, near Belvedere Castle.
Fall Picnic Inspiration. Ulia Ali in NYC/
Fun picnic shoot with wine and food. Bloggers just want to have fun!
Best white Spanish wine in America. Verdejo

I guess you are all set with refreshments, so let me link some of my favorite beautiful fashions and decor elements to celebrate the beginning of Fall in style! Tag me on Instagram with your picnic and fall-inspired parties; I would love to see your unique ideas!