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Theme 38: Exploring Williamsburg. Cinématographie

Exploring Williamsburg by Ulia Ali. Leopard Jumpsuit.

I seriously should be hired to be a location scout for films as I always find the most interesting and not overused spots for my photographs. For the Theme 38 I decided to Explore Williamsburg and shoot my another PrettyMissy look.

FSP heels and PrettyMissy leopard jumpsuit.

I paired this leopard jumpsuit with a red beret from Urban Outfitters (similar one for cheaper price HERE) and one of the most exquisite pair shoes I ever had - Femmes Sans Peur that remind me of Assyrian and Egyptian temple art.

Ulia Ali wearing FSP heels.
Ulia Ali in Williamsburg. YSL, leopard jumpsuit and red beret look.
Ulia Ali blogger in Brooklyn, Williamsburg
Ulia Ali NYC blogger wearing Femmes Sans Peur.
Ulia Ali in Williamsburg
Femmes Sand Peur heels
Red Beret look by Ulia Ali.

Week 23: La Semaine Française. Le Chat.

French Week Theme with Ulia Ali on Le chat. Look with cat hat,

Mimes, berets, and croissants, oh my!

Take a look at my French inspired look featuring the cat-hat by Eugenia Kim and the cutest croissant bag by Patricia Chang

Patricia Chang bag and Pretty Ballerinas. Very French Look.


Hat - Eugenia Kim (similar here) |  Pants - Banana Republic | Shoes Pretty Ballerinas | Top - Zara |

 Bag - Patricia Chang | Scarf  (worn as a jacket) - Armani (similar here) | Sunglasses - Tom Ford

Croissant Bag by Patricia Chang. Blogger outfits.
Classic French chic style for Fall.
French outfit in New York City. Tres Parisienne!
Patricia Chang croissant bag.
Eugenia Kim hat and Patricia Chang bag. Original fashion in NYC.
Eugenia Kim black cat hat. Le chat!
Chic style by Azerbaijani blogger Ulia Ali from
Yummy french croissant bag by Patricia Chang as seen on Ulia Ali's blog.

Week 22: Witches of Manhattan. Bells, the Blog & the Brooklyn Bridge.

Bell Sleeve Dress from Nasty Gal.

What the Blog is About?


While I often want to share my views on current events happening in the world, I try to stick to writing about culture, fashion and books. I don't like offending people and hurting their feelings, and I also don't think certain views on politics, finances, educational system etc. should be shared publicly if they are not researched properly. Nowadays we are all content creators, and I refuse to add to this maddening storm of misleading information as you never know who is reading it and who it is going to affect.

I believe in a proverb "Let the cobbler stick to his last". It comes from an ancient story about a shoemaker who criticizes a work by a Greek painter named Apelles, saying that the shoe in the picture wasn't portrayed correctly. The next day, the shoemaker, quite proud at seeing the former error corrected, thanks to his advice, begins to criticize the leg; upon which Apelles, full of indignation, pops his head out, and reminds him that a shoemaker should give no opinion beyond the shoes.

Therefore, I promise that on you will only see properly researched information about historical persons and cultural events, fashion styles I really wear and like, recommendations on books I actually read and films I have watched. I promise not to feed you any information to sell you something or write reviews on places I have never been at for the sake of having it on my blog.

My goal is to create this wonderful online place for you where every Theme Week you can immerse yourself into a new fantasy and get interested and excited about a new subject. I want people to come back here and to my social media to find inspiration not only for their wardrobes and reading lists, but for their everyday lives!

As you have noticed, sometimes I do not upload all the content for one Theme within 7 days, and I often update the lists, links and themed shops many days after they are published. The reason for that is that I don't want to create quick content; that is why you won't see me praising that ugly Kenzo H&M collection or wearing other fast fashion trends. I want people to come back to different posts and Themed Weeks when they feel they are interested in the topic and find all the necessary information even months after it was created!

Am I talking off-topic too much today? :) Let me return to our Witches of Manhattan Week. For my last witchy look I decided to wear this extremely sexy, black romper with bell sleeves. Bell sleeves are such a classic attribute of any "witch outfit," that I feel that you don't even have to add anything else to make your dress or romper look more magic-infused. However, the revealing lace-up front of my romper from NastyGal (similar here) is an additional dramatic detail.

At the end of this post I linked to a few of my favourite bell sleeve dresses, rompers and tops for you to shop. Go for black or deep red for the ultimate evil sorceress look, or play with the lighter colours and floral prints to feel like a Medieval princess who appeared in the 21st century!

Blogger and publishing entrepreneur Ulia Ali. Former Editor-in-chief or the Wedding magazine with two Bachelors and one Masters degree with distinction in Publishing. 



Ulia Ali style blogger from Azerbaijan, living in NYC.
Brooklyn Bridge photoshoot with Ulia Ali in black bell sleeves dress from NastyGa;.
Ulia Ali walking down the street in Kurt Geiger heels.

Romper - NastyGal |  Heels - Kurt Geiger | Sunnies - Tom Ford


Week 21: Greek. eShakti Review

eShakti review

Greece is a country of beautiful and feminine women with striking features. Only last week I discovered one of the most famous Greek actresses of the 60s, Tzeni Karezi, and decided to create a vintage inspired look to pay tribute to her style and beauty.

To be honest with you, the photoshoot turned out more "belezza Italiana" than Greek, but I decided to share the results with you this week anyway :)


This pretty polka dress I am wearing is from eShaktieShakti offers custom clothing for women of all sizes. It is quite incredible how fast they created and delivered the high quality dress which was exactly what I wanted and fitted me perfectly! Having a 32D chest and a tiny waist might not seem like a problem, but it is definitely hard to find a dress that fits my chest and doesn't hang loose on my waist. Luckily, clothes at eShakti are made exactly for your body using measurements which you provide before making an order. Additionally, you can fully customise any piece and choose the neckline, skirt length, add/remove pockets and so on, which means you get a truly unique piece for an astonishingly affordable price. Check eShakti out and see for yourself!

eShakti review. Custom polka dot dress
eShakti review by blogger Ulia Ali.
eShakti review by blogger Ulia Ali.
eShakti review by blogger Ulia Ali.
eShakti polka dot review by blogger Ulia Ali.
eShakti review by blogger Ulia Ali.
Polka dot dress. Vintage inspired look in NYC.
eShakti review by blogger Ulia Ali.

I think eShakti is especially great for bridesmaids dresses. I have linked a few of my favourites for you:

Week 13: Grace Kelly. 50s SHEINSIDE dress

Ulia Ali in blue 50s style dress

I absolutely adore Grace Kelly. Her perfect beauty and style have been hypnotising me since a very young age, so it is no wonder that I have decided to dedicate a whole week on Pastiche.Today to Princess Grace.

I do not share Grace's gorgeous blonde hair and blue eye genetics, nor do I have the Monaco royalty's wealth, but I did find a very pretty 50s style dress from SheIn (the dress is on sale now!). This blue dress has the same silhouette Grace Kelly loved to wear so much! To make the look more fun, I added a pair of white sneakers and hopped on a bicycle for a quick ride around Park City, UTAH.

Ulia Ali. A girl and her bicycle.
Fashion blogger. Blue dress and white Nike sneakers.
Blogger collaborations. Ulia Ali fashion blogger NYC, SLC, Park City, LA.
Bicycle look Ulia Ali
sheinside dress blogger


Dress - SheIn (here), Sneakers - Nike (here) , Sunglasses - Tom Ford (here