Week 13: Grace Kelly. Best Looks of Princess Grace.

Best fashion looks of Grace Kelly.

Grace Kelly is a timeless style icon. Her wedding dress has been continually named one of the best bridal outfits of all time. Grace's film and casual looks are still getting copied all around the world. Even before she became Princess of Monaco, Grace always looked a perfect picture in her simple, elegant dresses, candy-coloured suits, and sophisticated, yet never showy, evening gowns. Let's have a look at the best outfits of the most beautiful Hollywood actress who ever lived.

1. Pastel Colours.

Grace Kelly loved to wear pastel coloured outfits. Pastels are great for summer and create a classy high-society air around the person wearing them.

Grace Kelly pastel outfits. Gorgeous style of Princess of Monaco.


2. The Perfect Silhouette. 

Best looks of Grace Kelly

Big full skirts will make your waist look tiny with curvy hips, and will make everyone swoon over your gorgeous figure. Avoid high heels, and try to wear your "Grace Kelly" style dresses with pretty flats or kitten heeled shoes

3. Elegant Black.

Black never looked boring on Grace because it contrasted beautifully with her blonde hair. Moreover, she always added something special like white gloves, a beautiful brooch, or a string of pearls to make her black outfits even more elegant.

Grace Kelly in elegant black.

4. Bows

Grace Kelly adored bow details and pussycat bow blouses, especially after she became a mother. This feminine type of blouse is an essential wardrobe piece for every feminine lady and can be worn with high waist pencil skirts or with an elegant pair of trousers.

Grace Kelly fashion trends: Pussycat Bow.

5. Green

Grace Kelly was proud of her Irish heritage and considered green a very lucky colour. She especially loved sea-green.

Grace Kelly wearing her favorite color - sea-green.

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