Print All Over Me dress with The Great Wave Print.

Have you guys heard of Print All Over Me? It is a website where artists can upload their artwork and apply to any silhouettes like t-shirts, backpacks,  dresses etc. and sell all their beautiful, crazy, bold, intricate and thought provoking designs. You can imagine how fun it is to browse through PAOM collections as each artist has its own style and vision! 

I have linked some of the coolest latest items they have on their website, but, first, check out my pretty silk dress from PAOM. The dress has one of my favorite prints  - The Great Wave of Kanagawa by Hokusai. I like how unique and wearable the piece is. I haven't washed it yet, but it seems like the dress is made from a high quality material, and will keep its shape and silkiness. If you like me admire Japanese artist Hokusai, you would love all these The Great Wave printed clothes and accessories.

Hokusai Wave dress. Fashion and art.



Postcards from New York with SHEIN.

Creative photoshoot. NYC postcard vintage 2017

Sometimes I love experimenting with editing, and today I have created a NYC vintage-postcards' style little lookbook for Shein. The photo-cards are warm, summery and give me this tangible nostalgic feeling. It reminds me of old love letters, vintage maps and Lana Del Rey's melancholic songs.  Let me know if you would like me to create an editing tutorial for you, guys!

For my Look number 1 I wore this stylish Shein dress. I was surprised how well-made and fine this dress is for its price! The dress is very easy to wash, and very easy to style, so I think it is really perfect for college girls, and for school. I wore it with my Levi's denim jacket and Buscemi sneakers.

NYC Blogger Streetstyle June 2017
New York Levis denim 2017. Summer streetstyle
Streets of NYC. Fashion blogger summer 2017
Love Sculpture in New York City. Summer 2017


Gingham pink top
Cute SHEIN summer look 2017


Best off-the-shoulder styles at WALTER BAKER.

Walter Baker floral dress

I have been a loyal Walter Baker fan for years, and as you have probably noticed, I often wear pieces by this NYC designer. I call him The King of off-the-shoulder as no other brand has such a great variety of tops and dresses in this style.

The weather in New York has been a little bit chilly, but I still wanted to wear this beautiful floral dress. It was easy to style it with some high boots and a warm coat, but I am looking forward to wear this piece in summer with some sandals and a straw hat! At the end of this post I have linked not only my dress, but other gorgeous off-the-shoulder items from Walter Baker's new collection. 

WAlter Baker Spring Dress
Walter Baker dress. Grey look
Pink suede Rebecca Minkoff bag
Floral dress in Central Park
Walter Baker dress

You can buy this dress here, or look at other beautiful Walter Baker designs!

DressLink Review

Subway NYC photoshoot, DressLink Review, The most comfortable sweatpants

Girls, I think I have found the most perfect home / casual 'doing groceries' outfit ever! I didn't expect much when DressLink have sent me this Milan Fashion grey set, but from the moment I put it on, I can't stop wearing it! It is extremely soft on the inside, and it makes me feel like I am wearing a warm cloud. The set is comfortable and looks so stylish that I wear it even out when I need to get groceries or meet up with a friend for a quick coffee break.

This set comes in 4 different colours, and it is just $18! I have also linked other casual attires I found on DressLink for you at the end of this post. 

Grey sweatpants suit, home attire. DressLink
Subway NYC, Model photoshoot blogger.
DressLInk review. Grey Swetpants suit. NYC subway.

Comfy Sets from DRESsLink