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Theme 44: BEST SWIMWEAR. Ouisisi via Amazon

Hello dear readers, casual Google searchers and my loyal INSTAFAM, I am kicking off this season with a plan to redesign my entire website and writing more (for the blog and for my novels). There will be some exciting changes. Just wanted to share this with you before I get to our delicious new theme! BEST SWIMWEAR!

Ulia Ali in Ouisisi swimsuit. Amazon swimwear review.

Summer 2019 is officially in full swing, and many of us are frantically looking for new bikinis and one-pieces. Let’s be honest, social media has RUINED us and our wardrobes in a way. Have you posted a bikini from your last Mexico vacation on Instagram? Well, for the next destination, even if it is just a quick beach escape to Hamptons, you will probably want to get a brand new piece to pose, I mean, tan and swim in. Because wearing the same bikini few beach photos in a row is almost as bad as wearing the same gown to two weddings (and having pictures to prove the “horrid” fact!).

While you are allowed to splurge once in a while on some designer swimwear, it really is so much better finding a gorgeous quality piece for a very very affordable price. I recently discovered OUISISI brand on Amazon, and decided to try this classy elegant black&white one-piece.

Ulia Ali is a NYC blogger. Review of black and white one piece swimsuit by Ouisisi. Photo by Alejandro Cerdena

It arrived super quickly as it is on Amazon Prime. I loved how it looked as a top worn with jeans and as a swimsuit.

One piece swimwear review Ouisisi on Amazon Prime. Cheap swimsuits 2019
How to wear swimsuits as tops. Gucci belt

This swimsuit has a very classic, almost glamorous look to it, but it is also perfect as an athletic swim as it has a very decent coverage, and is very comfortable. I am not going to lie, a lot of my swimsuits usually have MUCH less coverage and I am often afraid to accidentally flash someone whenever I wear my “risky pieces”. There is no such problem with this OUISISI swimsuit, and you can be confident that it will make you stand out on the beach without having to show a lot of skin!

Coney Island swimwear shoot
Swimwear on Amazon Prime. Fast and affordable!

I was actually really happy to discover that OUISISI also has the cutest maternity swimsuits! I know a lot of my readers are young mums or mums-to-be and it feels good to be able to share something that is so cheap and great and worthy to be discovered!

I have linked some of my favorite pieces for you below:

Photography: Alejandro Cerdena